Lie Detection: A Linguistic Approach

The “Lie Detector” is a classic mind reading plot… here’s some new information on how it can be done.

p.s. It’s not body language.

Find the PSYBLOG article here!


Classic Busking from Robert Shields

Charlie Caper sells Stockholm

Here’s the always charming Charlie Caper and his very commercial take (literally) on the classic “Story Deck” routine.

Waiting for my spot

My hat and kit sit waiting

My hat and kit sit waiting

Spring… when a middle-aged man’s mind turns to thoughts of the pitch.



Eric Evans in action!


What? More Juggling?

Dropping the Balls

A terrific article about Anthony Gatto (maybe the greatest juggler alive) and why he stopped and opened a concrete company instead.

This may break your heart a little.

Street Art

While not busking per se, street art is another thing that makes city living worthwhile and lends beauty, character… and a sense of humour.

Check out this terrific gallery of street artists work.